Andre Krengel

André Krengel

For Andre Krengel, who was born in a small village outside Bonn, Germany, playing guitar is a journey; and music is a language that connects us to people without words.

He is a versatile and virtuosic guitar player who is mainly self taught, with his own unique style of playing, and is one of the foremost, leading and prominent players in Germany. His parents loved classical music. So, as a child, he became influenced by the many recordings played at home of composers like J.S. Bach.

But he became inspired by other artists as well – especially by the jazzy blues-rock stylings of Mark Knopfler & Dire Straits. Through that inspiration, at the age of 14, he was drawn to pick up his mother’s acoustic guitar and start learning chords and melodies.

At the age of 15, the circumstances in his life suddenly changed, and he was more or less on his own. At this time, the guitar became very important; because playing music on the instrument had a stabilizing and comforting impact on his life…. He quickly reached a good technical level; and at the age of 17, he started gigging with local bands – playing Blues, 70&80 Rock and Neo Classical Hard Rock. Two years later, he discovered his passion for acoustic guitar and jazz music. He took jazz guitar lessons from Gregor Salz and started studying jazz & Pop music at the conservatory of Arnhem in the Netherlands. To make a living, he also was giving guitar lessons at a music school… But just teaching and studying soon became boring. So, he quit, and started to travel, playing his first international gigs and small concerts in Spain and the South France, together with his friend, Roland Krause.

In Barcelona, Andre performed with artists like Monica Green (ex- Surpremes), Marcello Matte and rock-vocalist Danny Veras . Living in Spain, Andre took the chance to play with flamenco players and learn from them. It was also in Barcelona when he met and played with Gypsy-jazz masters Robin Nolan and Biel Ballester. Andre also spent three years in Miami & Florida, touring with the Ft. Lauderdale based band “The Orphans“. During that time, he was inspired and influenced by numerous jam sessions with musicians on the Miami latin & cuban music-scene, as well as by performing with Leon Wilkinson & the new line up of Lynnard Skynnard, in Jacksonville. All of these influences – jazz, flamenco, gypsy-jazz, rhythm and blues and good old fashioned rock and roll – are woven into his unique style.

Since returning to Germany, Andre has been involved in many different projects. He was frequently asked to back up singers in concerts and TV -Shows – like Rod Stewart and Gloria Gaynor, Deidra Jones as well as several German-based artists. He’s also been known to play on 5 star cruise ships and in elite private galas & incentives all over Europe.Since 2004 Andre Krengel is part of the virtuos guitar trio „passion grace and fire“ featuring Rafael Cortes and Özkan Yalkinouglu, a tribute to „Friday Night in San Franzisco“ playing Songs of the great Album from John Mc Laughlin, Paco de Lucia and Aldi Meola, as well, as original tunes.Andre is also playing with Sina Nossa, a seven – piece Fado & Worldmusic – ensemble, which has just won the „Creole“ Award for world music.

He was also guitar player and Musical Director of the famous clown, Andrej Jigalov’s show-band; and, for the German-Brazilian pop singer Daniel Lopes. He also composed several pieces of music for other artists and TV commercials, short movies and played on many CDs beeing a studio guitarist… 2005 founded his own band “Acoustic Embassy“ which tours widely throughout Europe. This band integrates a wide range of sounds, based on moods of Latin, Pop, Jazz and Flamenco, to Django Reinhardt`s Swing and even unplugged Techno.
2007 Andre Krengel won the Culture Award for Music & Composing in Düsseldorf.

After that he released his first solo album “ head ,heart & hands“ with Acoustic embassy. In this time he was working closely together with his friend, the great flute player Domingo Patricio ( played with Paco de Lucia, Mike Stern, Vicente Amigo, Marc Ledford)
In 2013 the Lulo Reinhardt & Andre Krengel Quartett was founded and their first album „live@Neidecks2“ got highly praised by the music media and went album of week at the NDR-Rundfunk. (Lulo Reinhardt is one of the foremost authentic and distinctive musical voices in Gypsy music today, he is from a long line of musicians; the great-nephew of jazz legend Django Reinhardt and also the nephew of the gypsy violin master Shnuckenack Reinhardt.)

The press named Andre Krengel a „Traveler between Cultures „ because he can virtuously swich between styles and cultures without loosing his identity and unique style…
His virtuosity and versality, together with his musical sense to dynamics and soft sounds, made the german press also call him also „the Guitar Wizzard with magic hands“.

Until today Andre has performed gigs & concerts in Germany, USA,Canada, India, Ukraine, UK-(England, Scotland, Ireland), Poland, Belgium, Turkey, Bulgaria, Moldova, Austria, Switzerland,France, Croatia, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy,  Sweden, Madeira, Malta, Luxenburg,Slovakia, Tschech Republic, Latvia, Netherlands and Maledives.

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